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Texas Senate & House Maps Present Serious Concern for Texas Minority Communities

The maps presented to the Texas House and Senate pose serious concern for minority communities in Texas for the next 10 years. As each decade’s U.S. Census count requires a redrawing of both House & Senate state maps, Texas is currently undergoing the effort which will make legislative districts more reflective of their population growth over the past 10 years.

With the high degree of minority population growth recently in Texas, minority communities deserve more elected official representation.

When debate commenced on the House floor recently for consideration on the Texas House of Representatives map, the Black Caucus presented alternative plans which amplified the voice of African Americans statewide as well as the Hispanic community. The TLBC maps were reflective of the necessary hard work and attention to the needs of minority communities which is required since any Texas maps must be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice due to historical discrimination in our State. The TLBC believes the map passed by the Texas House is a significant step backwards for minorities in this State, and which is why the TLBC map provides a much better alternative which does not dilute African American communities and also keeps together communities of interest.

The map proposed in the Texas Senate also presents concern for the voice of the minority community, wherein the African American communities in Ft. Worth and Austin in addition to others, has been spread across multiple districts which has the effect of reducing the voices of minority communities.

The TLBC is planning on pursuing action in federal court, as well as directly with the U.S. DOJ in order to press the case for enhanced minority representation in Texas. We will keep you posted as events unfold on the redistricting front.

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